Hindu Temple in Around Malang

Candi Singosari

Situated right in the village of Singosari, 12km north of Malang, this temple stands 500m off the main Malang–Surabaya road. One of the last monuments erected to the Singosari dynasty, it was built in 1304 in honour…
Buddhist Temple in Around Malang

Candi Sumberawan

This small, squat Buddhist stupa lies in the terraced, cultivated foothills of Gunung Arjuna, about 5km northwest of Singosari. It was built to commemorate the 1359 visit of Hayam Wuruk, the great Majapahit king. Wi…
Hindu Temple in Around Malang

Candi Kidal

Set in the village of Kidal, with houses rising all around – along with one conspicuously clucking chicken farm – this graceful temple was built around 1260 as the burial shrine of King Anusapati (the second Singosa…
Temple in Around Malang

Candi Jago

Along a small road near the market in Tumpang, 22km from Malang, Candi Jago was built between 1268 and 1280 and is thought to be a memorial to the fourth Singosari king, Vishnuvardhana. The temple has some interesti…
Gardens in Purwodadi

Kebun Raya Purwodadi

A few kilometres north of Lawang on the road to Surabaya, the Kebun Raya Purwodadi are expansive dry-climate botanical gardens. The 85 hectares are beautifully landscaped and contain over 3000 species, including 80 …
Hot Springs in Batu


Songgoriti, 3km west of Batu, has well-known hot springs and a small, ancient Hindu temple on the grounds of the Hotel Air Panas Songgoriti. Nearby, Pasar Wisata is a tourist market selling mostly apples, bonsai pla…
Waterfall in Batu

Air Terjun Cubanrondo

The waterfall Air Terjun Cubanrondo is 5km southwest of Songgoriti.
Hot Springs in Batu

Air Panas Cangar

Hot springs high in the mountains surrounded by forest and mist.
Hot Springs in Batu

Sumber Brantas

Higher up the mountain, the small village of Sumber Brantas, far above Selekta, is at the source of the Sungai Brantas (Brantas River). From here you can walk 2km to Air Panas Cangar, hot springs high in the mountai…