Top things to do in Alor Archipelago

Top Choice Cafe in Alor Archipelago

Celyn Kafe

Set on the sand, framed by mangroves and shaded by palm trees, this is Alor's best spot to while away an afternoon. Order from the blackboard menu: there's juice, tea and coffee a dozen ways – but don't leave withou…
Village in Kalabahi

Desa Takpala

About 13km east of central Kalabahi is the majestically preserved, mountain-top village of the Abui people, Alor's largest ethnic group. It's one of the more accessible and tourist-friendly villages, with locals hap…
Market in Kalabahi

Pasar Kedelang

Mingle with locals at Alor's most exciting wet market. Pyramids of vegetables are piled on tables; betel nut, flower and leaves are arranged on tarps on the ground; and kenari (almond) is everywhere. Pick up nasi an…
Indonesian in Kalabahi

Resto Mama

This wood-and-bamboo dining room is perched over the bay on stilts, 50m west of Pasar Kedelang. There's plenty of seafood and Indo fare, but the house specialty is ikan kuah assam mama, a sweet and sour fish soup wi…
Indonesian in Kalabahi

Rumah Makan Jember

Before you turn down Jl Suka Maju to reach Alor Dive, stop at this fantastic local haunt. Make a beeline for the counter, piled with sayur (vegetables), chicken sate, noodles, tempeh and more. Make your decision and…
Textiles in Alor Archipelago

Sentra Tenun Ikat Gunung Mako

Ten metres off the road beneath some banana trees you'll find Mama Sariat Libana, mother of Alornese ikat, holding court or playing cards. Originally from nearby Ternate Island, she not only supports local weavers b…
Beach in Kalabahi

Pantai Maimol

One of the best beaches near Kalabahi is this ribbon of white sand 10km out of town on the airport road. You can easily laze away a few hours here. When we last visited, hotel construction was about to commence acro…
Museum in Kalabahi

Museum Seribu Moko

Named for its collection of moko (bronze drums; the 1000 is purely figurative), this humble museum located just west of the market has some decent English booklets about the collection, which includes more than 700 …
Village in Alor Archipelago

Alor Besar

The fishing village of Alor Besar is where you'll find Al Quaran Tua, a 12th-century Quran made from bark and integral to the seeding of Islam in the Alor Archipelago. It's held at the town mosque, Masjid Jami Babus…
Supermarket in Kalabahi

Pagi Mart

Stop in for vital supplies, like beer, ice cream, sunscreen and anything else you might need.