Top things to do in Alas Purwo National Park

Wildlife Reserve in Alas Purwo National Park


Down a spur that branches from the main road just after the Hindu temple, Sadengan grazing ground has the largest herd of banteng (wild cattle) in Java. Keep an eye out for the birds hopping along their backs in a s…
Beach in Alas Purwo National Park


The turtle hatchery at Ngagelan is set in a protected, fenced-off plot behind the beach, where rangers who have collected the eggs keep them piled and dated under the brown sand, shielding them from birds and other …
Cave in Alas Purwo National Park

Gua Istana & Gua Padepokan

From Pancur, a trail heads 2km inland through some good forest to Gua Istana, a small cave, and another 2km further on to Gua Padepokan. Both contain Hindu shrines.