Spa Tours in Sembalun Valley

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The bathhouse suggests you have a rest in the atmosphere of the Russian traditions and to take a steam bath in the real baths on firewood.Bath ritual lasts up to 2-4 hours, including steaming, soaring/tapping by an oak or birch broom, massage, body scrub (chocolate or honey or salt ), beauty masks and herbal teas.This slow, relaxing bath rituals will reduce stress, grant inner peace, energize your spirit and improve your overall health and beauty. The body will become refreshed, purified and a skin will become revitalizing, muscle-regenerating, immune system-strengthening effect and stimulates the metabolism.
The price is for group up to 10 people.What is included:  - 2 Hours Sauna,- 1 Hour Chill Out in the Garden, - Natural Jungle Pool, - Herbal Tea, - Fruits, - Scrubs, - Aloe-Vera, - Sarong, - Shampoo & Conditioner. The price for an additional guest is 100.000 IDR per person. Extra Hours Sauna cost 400.000 IDR per hour.   ADDITIONAL OPTIONS :Broom - 100.000 IDR.Hookah - 150.000 IDR.Bonfire - 150.000 IDRChinese Tea Ceremony - 200.000 IDR per Person (min 3 Persons).Massage - By Request. The price depends on the chosen massage type. Food - By Request.The bathhouse attendant - by request. IN THE STAEM ROOM: 1) AROMATHERAPY STEAMING AND ADAPTATIONDuration: 15-20 minutes.Cost: 150.000 IDR.2) SOFT STEAMING «FLUFF»Individual soft warming while you will be lying on special eucalyptus brooms - 15 minutes.Cost: 300.000 IDR.3) STEAMING «BE STRONG»Individual warming with following contrast with cold water. The body will be tapped by using special oak brooms while you will be lying on eucalyptus brooms - 15 minutes.Cost: 350.000 IDR.4) MASSAGE STEAMING «HERO»Individual warming with following contrast with cold water. The body will be tapped by using special oak brooms while you will be lying on eucalyptus brooms. Two sessions - 20 minutes.Cost: 400.000 IDR.SPA TREATMENTS :1) PEELING MASSAGE KESE  and FOAM MASSAGE SABUNLAMADuration: 60 minutes.Cost: 600.000 IDR2) SALT SCRABDuration: 25 minutes.Cost: 300.000 IDR3) HONEY THERAPYDurtation: 25 minutes.Cost: 300.000 IDR.5) CITRUS BODY GLOWDuration: 20 minutes.Cost: 300.000 IDR6) FACIAL MASSAGE and MASKSIndividual composition of herbs, oils and creams. Exfoliate, purified and moisturize the skin.Duration: 30 minutes.Cost: 200.000 IDR7) HEAD MASSAGEWith aurvedic oils. It stimulates the scalp circulation, bringing with it oxygen and hair nourishing nutrients, thus promote stronger and healthier hair growth. It also relaxes the scalp and neck muscles, eases stress and tension and helps you sleep better.Duration: 20 minutes.Cost: 150.000 IDRBALENISE MASSAGES :- Balinese Whole Body Massage - 200.000 IDR - 1 Hour- Hot Stone Massage - 280.000 IDR / 1.5 Hour- Foot Massage - 100.000 IDR / 30 Min, 150.000 IDR - 1 Hour- Hand, Neck and Head Massage - 180.000 IDR  - 1 Hour- Neck and Shoulder Massage  - 150.000 IDR - 30 Min- Back Massage - 150.000 IDR -  30 MinRELAXING BATHS :- Blossoming ( Flowers and Aroma Oil Bath ) 150.000 IDR- Romantic for a Couple ( Candles, Flower’s Petals, Aroma Oil, Fruit and Fragrant Tea ) 300.000 IDR

What’s included

  • Entrance fees
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Bottled water
  • Light refreshments

What’s not included

  • Food and drinks