You might think Swiss or Belgian when you think of chocolate, but soon you could be thinking Bali. Big Tree Farms, a local producer of quality foodstuffs that has made a big splash internationally, has built a chocolate factory about 10km southwest of Ubud in the village of Sibang. The chocolate made here comes from cocoa beans grown by over 13,000 farmers across Indonesia. The result is a very high-quality chocolate that you can watch being made on tours.

This is not just any factory: rather it is a huge and architecturally stunning creation made sustainably from bamboo – an ethos that extends to the company's very philosophy. Just seeing one of the world's largest bamboo structures is an attraction in itself; toss in fabulous chocolate and you've landed an all-round delectable experience.

Reaching the factory is easy as Sibang is on one of the roads linking Ubud to south Bali.