Historic Site in Yuksom

Norbugang Park

Yuksom means ‘meeting place of the three lamas’, referring to the trio of Tibetan holy men who crowned the first chogyal of Sikkim at this historic site in 1641. Aflutter with prayer flags, the charming woodland gar…
Buddhist Monastery in Yuksom

Dubdi Gompa

High on the ridge above Yuksom, this compact, peaceful gompa is beautifully set in tended gardens, with dawn views of white peaks between high green folds of forested foothills. Established in 1647 in honour of Lhat…
Viewpoint in Yuksom

Tashi Tenka

When Yuksom was Sikkim’s capital, a royal palace complex known as Tashi Tenka sat on a ridge to the south of town. Today, barely a stone remains but the views are superb. To get here, walk around five minutes toward…
Waterfall in Yuksom

Khangchendzonga Falls

A pair of waterfalls lie very close to the road, accompanied by a gaggle of snack shops and a short, over-steep zip-line. The prettier, multi-stage falls are visible from the ticket booth, but it's worth paying to s…
Buddhist Monastery in Yuksom

Kathok Wodsalling Gompa

This relatively new gompa, accessed opposite Hotel Tashi Gang, features an impressively stern statue of Guru Padmasambhava.
Buddhist Temple in Yuksom

Hongri Gompa

This small, bare-stone temple is unusual for its lack of exterior paintwork and the fact that, despite the near total collapse of its eastern wall following the 2011 earthquake, it somehow still stands; it remains a…
Buddhist Monastery in Yuksom

Ngadhak Changchub Choeling Gompa

Lost amid towering cypress trees buzzing with insects, this relatively contemporary cube of a temple contains a memorable statue of 11-headed Chenresig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, with a golden fan of 1000 arms.
Buddhist Site in Yuksom

Mani Hall

Right in the village centre, this unique creation is a glass-walled, temple-like building enclosing 18 over-sized prayer wheels in two close-packed rows. Each is made of embossed, part-gilded copper; they're so heav…