Memorial in Western Saurashtra

Kirti Mandir

This memorial to Gandhi, next to the house where he was born, in the town of Porbandar, was built in 1950. Reflecting Gandhi’s age when he died, it’s 79ft high and has 79 candle holders; symbols from all the world’s…
Historic Building in Western Saurashtra

Gandhi’s Birthplace

This three-storey, 220-year-old house is where Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 (the very spot is marked on the floor by a swastika), and it was his home till the ripe old age of six. The house is an interesting wa…
Nature Reserve in Western Saurashtra

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Not far from Porbandar, the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is a hilly, forested area with stone-built villages, good hiking and rare wildlife, including lions, hyenas and blackbuck. Hotels in Porbandar can arrange taxis t…
Hindu Temple in Western Saurashtra

Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarka's most splendid temple is dedicated to Krishna and has a magnificent, five-storey spire that is supported by 60 columns. To enter, non-Hindus must make a declaration of respect for the religion.
Lighthouse in Western Saurashtra


Dwarka’s lighthouse affords a beautiful panoramic view, though photography is not allowed (neither are mobile phones).