Top Choice Monastery in Tawang Valley

Tawang Gompa

Tawang’s biggest attraction is the magical Tawang Gompa, founded in 1681. Reputedly the world’s second-largest Buddhist-monastery complex after Drepung Monastery (in Lhasa, Tibet), Tawang is famed in Buddhist circle…
Monastery in Tawang Valley

Urgeyling Gompa

The ancient if modest Urgeyling Gompa is where the sixth Dalai Lama was born. Before he left for Lhasa, it's said that he stuck his walking stick into the ground and it eventually grew into a giant oak tree that fla…
Museum in Tawang Valley


This small but interesting museum contains images, robes, telescopic trumpets and ancient manuscripts, along with some personal items of the sixth Dalai Lama.