Top Choice Cultural in Shantiniketan

Poush Mela

The high point of Shantiniketan's festive calendar, Poush Mela fair brings together artists, musicians, artisans and poets from nearby villages and far-flung continents. You can spend time with the bauls (the wander…
Religious in West Bengal

Durga Puja

Mass celebrations of the 10-armed goddess Durga take over West Bengal for five-plus days. People flock into the thousands of Puja pandals (temporary structures, some of them extremely grandiose, housing Durga images…
Religious in The Ganges Delta

Gangasagar Mela

Every January on Sagar Island, where the Hooghly River, a branch of the sacred Ganges, meets the sea, the Gangasagar Mela sees hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims, chillum-smoking sadhus and tourists converge on…
Music in Shantiniketan

Joydev Mela

Held at Joydev Kenduli village, 30km west of Shantiniketan, the Joydev Mela fair is the biggest gathering of the bauls, Bengal's mystical and mysterious wandering minstrels. Bauls earn their living by singing their …
Religious in Up the Hooghly

Jagaddhatri Puja

Devoted to an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga, this festival sees Chandannagar deck up in gorgeous public lighting, while enthusiastic locals throng festive arenas to pay respects to gigantic clay idols of th…
Cultural in Shantiniketan

Magh Mela

At the three-day Magh Mela held in Sriniketan (contiguous to Shantiniketan), crafts and rural arts take centre stage. On the second evening, a spectacular fireworks show attracts a huge audience.
Religious in West Bengal Hills


The ethnic Nepali equivalent of Diwali in the Darjeeling hills. Oil lamps and fireworks are lit, and on the first, second and third of the five days crows, dogs and cows respectively are honoured by being offered sp…
Religious in West Bengal Hills


A 15-day Nepali festival celebrating the goddess Durga and occurring around the same time as Durga Puja. Ethnic Nepalis head to their homes for up to a week and banks and government offices close for a couple of day…
Cultural in West Bengal Hills


Colourful fairs and traditional dances among the hill towns' Tibetan communities, and ritual chaam dances in the Buddhist monasteries, are the highlights of this festival that rings in the Tibetan new year.
Cultural in Bishnupur

Bishnupur Mela

The Bishnupur Mela is a four-day fair around the Madan Mohan Temple marking the end of the agricultural year with local music, dance, food and handicrafts.