Cultural in Shantiniketan

Poush Mela

The highpoint of Shantiniketan's festive calendar, the Poush Mela fair brings together artists, musicians, artisans and poets from nearby villages and far-flung continents. You can spend time with the bauls – the wa…
Religious in The Ganges Delta

Ganga Sagar Mela

Held annually at Sagar Island, where the Ganges River meets the sea, the Ganga Sagar Mela sees hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims, chillum-smoking sadhus and tourists converge on the last day of Poush (a month …
Religious in West Bengal

Durga Puja

Across the state, especially in Kolkata, temporary pandals (pavilions) are raised and intense celebrations take place to worship the Hindu goddess Durga. After four colourful days, beautiful clay idols of the 10-arm…
Cultural in Shantiniketan

Magh Mela

At the three-day Magh Mela held in the village of Sriniketan (contiguous to Shantiniketan), crafts and rural arts take centre stage. On the second evening, a spectacular fireworks show attracts a huge audience.
Religious in Bishnupur


This indigenous festival sees snake charmers honour the local goddess Manasa, worshipped by local communities as the protector deity of snakes.
Religious in West Bengal

Jagaddhatri Puja

Similar to Dussehra (Durga Puja) and devoted to the worship of an incarnation of the Hindu mother goddess, this festival sees Chandarnagar deck up in gorgeous public lighting, while enthusiastic locals throng festiv…
Cultural in West Bengal Hills


Colourful fairs and traditional dances in and around Darjeeling's Tibetan communities are the highlights of this festival that rings in the Tibetan new year.
Religious in West Bengal Hills


Known elsewhere in India as Dusshera or Durga Puja, Nepalese head home for up to a week and banks and government offices are closed for a couple of days.
Cultural in West Bengal

Darjeeling Carnival

This festival celebrates and highlights Darjeeling's cultural heritage with live music, dance, tea drinking, food festivals and general merrymaking.
Cultural in West Bengal

Bengali New Year

A statewide holiday celebrating the first day of the Bengali calendar, usually on 14 or 15 April.