Religious in West Bengal Hills


The ethnic Nepali equivalent of Diwali in the Darjeeling hills. Oil lamps and fireworks are lit, and on the first, second and third of the five days crows, dogs and cows respectively are honoured by being offered sp…
Religious in West Bengal Hills


A 15-day Nepali festival celebrating the goddess Durga and occurring around the same time as Durga Puja. Ethnic Nepalis head to their homes for up to a week and banks and government offices close for a couple of day…
Cultural in West Bengal Hills


Colourful fairs and traditional dances among the hill towns' Tibetan communities, and ritual chaam dances in the Buddhist monasteries, are the highlights of this festival that rings in the Tibetan new year.
Religious in Darjeeling


Marking the seventh day of Dashain, this predominantly Nepali festival, with processions and dancing from Ghum to Darjeeling, is also celebrated by Lepchas and others.