Hindu Temple in Warangal

1000-Pillared Temple

Six kilometres northwest of Warangal station in the adjoining town of Hanumakonda (Hanamkonda), the 1000-Pillared Temple, constructed in 1163, is a fine example of Kakatiya architecture and sculpture, in a leafy set…
Fort in Warangal

Bhongir Fort

Most buses and trains will stop en route at Bhongir, 60km from Hyderabad. It’s worth jumping down for a couple of hours to climb the fantastical-looking 12th-century Chalukyan hill fort, sitting on what resembles a …
Historic Site in Warangal

Svayambhu Temple

At the centre of Warangal fort are the partly-reassembled remains of the huge Shaivite Svayambhu Temple, with four handsome, large torana gateways standing at its cardinal points. The ticket also covers the Kush Mah…
Park in Warangal


Almost opposite the Svayambhu Temple entrance is the entrance to a park containing the high rock Ekashila Gutta which is topped by another Kakatiya temple overlooking a water tank.
Fort in Warangal


Warangal’s fort, on the southern edge of town, was a massive construction with three circles of walls (the outermost 7km around). Most of it is now either fields or buildings, but at the centre is a huge, partly-rea…