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Top Choice Monument in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Ibrahim Rouza

The beautiful Ibrahim Rouza is among the most elegant and finely proportioned Islamic monuments in India. Its 24m-high minarets are said to have inspired those of the Taj Mahal, and its tale is similarly poignant: b…
Top Choice Monument in Vijapura (Bijapur)


Set in tranquil gardens, the magnificent Golgumbaz mausoleum houses the tombs of emperor Mohammed Adil Shah (r 1627–56), his two wives, his mistress (Rambha), one of his daughters and a grandson. Octagonal seven-sto…
Fort in Vijapura (Bijapur)


Surrounded by fortified walls and a wide moat, the citadel once contained the palaces, pleasure gardens and durbar (royal court) of the Adil Shahi kings. Now mainly in ruins, the most impressive of the remaining fra…
Mosque in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Jama Masjid

Constructed by Ali Adil Shah I (r 1557–80), the finely proportioned Jama Masjid has graceful arches, a fine dome and a vast inner courtyard with room for more than 2200 worshippers. Women should make sure to cover t…
Arts & Crafts in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Sabala Handicrafts

Beautiful handmade textiles, bags, saris, kurtas and accessories. Profits benefit an NGO that empowers village women. It's 4km south of the centre.
Indian in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Hotel Madhuvan International

Attractive outdoor garden restaurant that does fantastic vegetarian dishes including eight different kinds of dosa and 14 paneer dishes. No booze.
Indian in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Qaswa Hills

Basement restaurant that buzzes day and night with contented diners. Renowned for its meat dishes, try a chicken or mutton biryani.
Ruins in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Gagan Mahal

The most impressive of the remaining fragments in the Citadel is the colossal archway of Gagan Mahal, built by Ali Adil Shah I around 1561 as a dual-purpose royal residency and durbar hall. The gates here are locked…
Museum in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Archaeological Museum

A well-presented archaeological museum set in the Golgumbaz lawns. Skip the ground floor and head upstairs; there you’ll find an excellent collection of artefacts, such as oriental carpets, china crockery, weapons, …
Historic Building in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Asar Mahal

Built by Mohammed Adil Shah in about 1646 to serve as a Hall of Justice, the graceful Asar Mahal once housed two hairs from Prophet Mohammed’s beard. The rooms on the upper storey are decorated with frescoes and a s…