Top things to do in Veraval

Hindu Temple in Veraval

Bhalka Tirth

One kilometre from Veraval towards Somnath, Bhalka Tirth is where Krishna was mistaken for a deer (he was sleeping in a deerskin) and fatally wounded by an arrow. The temple here is an architecturally mundane affair…
Punjabi in Veraval

Hotel Namaste

At the very north end of Veraval, where Junagadh Rd meets Route 51, this excellent junction restaurant serves a good mix of Punjabi, Chinese and Western dishes in quiet, clean surroundings.
North Indian in Veraval


With air-conditioning and fish tanks, this all-veg Punjabi/Chinese restaurant is a quiet oasis with reliable food and attentive service.
Area in Veraval

Fishing Harbour

About 2km from downtown Veraval towards Somnath, the harbour is a striking sight with hundreds of wooden dhows flying colourful flags.