Top things to do in Vashisht

Multicuisine in Vashisht

Rasta Cafe

Rasta is the top traveller hang-out for its well-prepared breakfasts, soups, salads, momos, Indian dishes, falafel, hummus, pasta, pizza, desserts, juices, smoothies (and we could go on...). Friendly service in a br…
Hindu Temple in Vashisht

Vashisht Mandir

Vashisht's sulphur-laden hot springs are channelled into small public baths inside the ancient stone Vashisht Mandir, which is dedicated to the sage Vashisht. There's another open-air public pool, for men only, just…
Bakery in Vashisht

German Bakery

Come here for all your carrot cake, apple pie and cinnamon roll requirements. It does decent coffee, shakes, breakfasts and momos too.
Multicuisine in Vashisht

World Peace Cafe

This rooftop restaurant has great valley views from its expansive patio, plus an inside room with low tables and floor cushions. The kitchen does a decent job on a wide-ranging international menu, and it sometimes h…
Hindu Temple in Vashisht

Rama Temple

The sikhara-style Rama temple, up a few steps from the Vashisht Mandir, has old stone carvings on its exterior and a wooden canopy above. The wood-and-stone entrance hall is a modern addition.
Multicuisine in Vashisht

Freedom Cafe

Freedom, a little away from the main pack, has the best views of all the traveller cafes, plus decently prepared fare and friendly service. Good for an early breakfast, too.
Hot Springs in Vashisht

Public Pool

An open-air public pool for men only, just uphill from the Vashisht Mandir, past a set of hot-water spouts that are always busy with people washing clothes or dishes.
Hot Springs in Vashisht

Public Baths

Vashisht's sulphur-laden hot springs are channelled into these small public baths, with separate men's and women's areas, inside the ancient stone Vashisht Mandir.
Hindu Temple in Vashisht

Shiva Temple

Next to the Vashisht Mandir, the Shiva temple is a relatively plain stone-and-timber construction with a slate roof and carved wooden pillars.
Landmark in Vashisht


The walk from Vashisht to Jogini waterfalls passes this school built over a stream.