Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Varanasi

Baba Blacksheep

If the deluge of traveller enthusiasm is anything to go by, this is the most trustworthy, non-pushy shop in India. Indeed it is one of the best places you'll find for silks (scarves/saris from ₹500/4000) and pashmin…
Fashion & Accessories in Varanasi

Mehrotra Silk Factory

Tucked away down a tiny alleyway near the main train station, this pocket-sized, fixed-priced shop is a fun place to buy silk scarves (from ₹400), saris (from ₹3000) and bedspread sets (from ₹9000). The Lal Ghat loc…
Fashion & Accessories in Varanasi

Mehrotra Silk Factory

In a labyrinth of alleys behind Lal Ghat, this fixed-price shop, its floor cushioned for seating, offers fine silks for fair prices. Grab something as small as a scarf or as big as a bedcover. There's another branch…
Cosmetics in Varanasi

Organic by Brown Bread Bakery

This small shop sells natural cosmetics from the government-sponsored Khadi program, as well as baked goods, muesli and cheese from Brown Bread Bakery.
Clothing in Varanasi

Shri Gandhi Ashram Khadi

Stocks shirts, kurta shirts, saris and headscarves, all made from the famous homespun khadi fabric.