Top Choice Hindu Temple in Varanasi

Vishwanath Temple

There are temples at almost every turn in Varanasi, but this is the most famous of the lot. It is dedicated to Vishveswara – Shiva as lord of the universe. The current temple was built in 1776 by Ahalya Bai of Indor…
Top Choice Sacred Site in Varanasi

Manikarnika Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat, the main burning ghat, is the most auspicious place for a Hindu to be cremated. Dead bodies are handled by outcasts known as doms, and are carried through the alleyways of the old city to the holy …
Top Choice Sacred Site in Varanasi

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Varanasi’s liveliest and most colourful ghat is Dashashwamedh Ghat, easily reached at the end of the main road from Godaulia Crossing. The name indicates that Brahma sacrificed (medh) 10 (das) horses (aswa) here. In…
Sacred Site in Varanasi

Harishchandra Ghat

Harishchandra Ghat is a cremation ghat – smaller and secondary in importance to Manikarnika, but one of the oldest ghats in Varanasi.
Top Choice Sacred Site in Varanasi

Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat, the furthest south of the main ghats and one of the biggest, is particularly important as the River Assi meets the Ganges near here and pilgrims come to worship a Shiva lingam (phallic image of Shiva) ben…
in Varanasi

New Vishwanath Temple

The attractive New Vishwanath Temple, unlike most temples in Varanasi, is open to all, irrespective of religion.
in Varanasi

Durga Temple

The small Durga Temple was built in the 18th century by a Bengali maharani and is stained red with ochre.
in Varanasi

Tulsi Manas Temple

The modern marble, sikhara -style Tulsi ManasTemple's walls are engraved with verses and scenes from the Ram Charit Manas, the Hindi version of the Ramayana.
in Varanasi

Bharat Mata Temple

The Bharat Mata Temple, built in 1918, has an unusual marble relief map of the Indian subcontinent inside.
Christian in Varanasi

St Thomas' Church

One of Varanasi's oldest and most important churches.