Top things to do in Uttarakhand

Top Choice Hindu Temple in Kedarnath


Kedarnath is in the most dramatic location of the char dham temples, located at the base of 6970m peaks and 22km from the nearest road. The puja offered inside, especially around the stone 'hump', is fervent and can…
Top Choice National Park in Valley of Flowers & Hem Kund Trek

Valley of Flowers National Park

The bugyals (high-altitude meadows) of tall wildflowers in the Unesco World Heritage–listed Valley of Flowers are a glorious sight on a sunny day, rippling in the breeze, and framed by mighty 6000m mountains with gl…
Top Choice Historic Building in Rishikesh

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram

Just south of Swarg Ashram is what’s left of the original Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram, where the Beatles stayed and wrote much of the White Album (and a few tracks from Abbey Road). After decades of neglect, the Fo…
Top Choice Ghat in Haridwar

Har-ki-Pairi Ghat

Har-ki-Pairi (The Footstep of God) is where Vishnu is said to have dropped some divine nectar and left behind a footprint. Every evening, hundreds of worshippers gather for the ganga aarti (river worship ceremony). …
Top Choice Lake in Nainital

Naini Lake

This pretty lake is Nainital’s centrepiece and is said to be one of the emerald-green eyes of Shiva’s wife, Sati (naina is Sanskrit for eye) that fell to earth after her act of self-immolation. Boaters will row you …
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Mussoorie

Happy Valley

Only 3km northwest of town, this scenic outlying region of Mussoorie is famous as the site where the Dalai Lama and fellow exiles arrived in 1959, after escaping from Tibet following Chinese occupation. The spiritua…
Top Choice Indian in Dehra Dun

Chetan Poori Wala

If you're looking for that authentic (and delicious) local dining experience, you've found it. Unlimited thalis are served on plates made of dried leaves in this bustling no-frills joint, and you just pay for the pu…
Top Choice National Park in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve

This famous reserve was established in 1936 as India’s first national park. Originally called Hailey National Park, then Ramganga National Park, it was renamed in 1957 after legendary tiger-hunter Jim Corbett (1875–…
Top Choice Lassi in Haridwar

Prakash Lok

Don’t miss a creamy lassi at this Haridwar institution, famed for its ice-cold, best-you’ll-ever-have lassis served in tin cups (₹50). Just about anyone in the Bara Bazaar can point you to it.
Top Choice Fast Food in Mussoorie

Lovely Omelette Centre

Mussoorie’s most famous eatery is also its smallest – a cubbyhole along The Mall that serves what many say are the best omelettes in India. The speciality is the cheese omelette, with chillies, onions and spices, se…