Har-ki-Dun Valley Trek

The wonderfully remote Har-ki-Dun Valley (3510m), within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park, is a botanical paradise criss-crossed by glacial streams, surrounded by pristine forests and snowy peaks. You might be lucky enough to glimpse the elusive snow leopard above 3500m.

The three-day, 38km trail to Har-ki-Dun begins at Sankri (also called Saur), where the best place to stay is Wild Orchid Inn. There are very basic GMVN tourist bungalows at Sankri and along the way in the villages of Taluka and Osla, but in the valley itself you have to stay in the Forest Rest House or bring a tent. You can cut a day off the hike by taking a share jeep to Taluka and starting from there. A side trip to Jamdar Glacier takes another day. The trek can be busy during June and October.

A couple of reputable guides work out of Sankri – Chain Singh and Bhagat Singh – who run the Har Ki Dun Protection & Mountaineering Association. In addition to outfitting trips to Har-ki-dun, they can take you to the unique villages of the Rupin and Supin Valleys. They also lead treks from Sankri to the Sangla (Baspa) Valley in Himachal Pradesh and along other beautiful routes. Make arrangements in advance by email if possible – these guys are busy!

To get to Sankri, take a direct bus from Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie or from Dehra Dun's Mussoorie Bus Stand (₹350) – or hop a series of buses and shared or private jeeps until you get there.