Planetarium in Kausani

Star Gate

While this small-scale observatory offers night viewing of distant planets and constellations (₹100) from 6.30pm, it's arguably more interesting to drop by early morning (₹50) to get a close-up look at the...

Multicuisine in Kausani

Garden Restaurant

In front of Hotel Uttarakhand and enjoying fine Himalayan views, this bamboo and thatch-roofed restaurant is Kausani’s best. The food comprises first-class dishes from Swiss rösti to chicken tikka and imported...

Plantation in Kausani

Kausani Tea Estate

While Kausani Tea Estate – a tea plantation that involves private enterprise, the government and local farmers – has recently shifted its production factory 35km away, you can still take a stroll around its...

Historic Site in Kausani

Anasakti Ashram

About 1km uphill from the bus stand, Anasakti Ashram is where Mahatma Gandhi spent two weeks in 1929 pondering and writing Anasakti Yoga. It has a small museum that tells the story of Gandhi’s life through...

Factory in Kausani

Kausani Shawl Factory

Drop by this weaving factory 3km north of Kausani to watch local women make woollen shawls, jackets, caps, socks etc. To visit it's best to call ahead or stop by their shop in the main street in town.