Top ChoiceLassi in Varanasi

Blue Lassi

A tiny yoghurt shop with a big – and well-deserved – reputation for serving up Varanasi's freshest, creamiest, fruit-filled lassis for over 90 years.

Cafe in Varanasi

Mangi Ferra

This colourful, laid-back lounge in the garden at Hotel Surya is a relaxing place where you can sip an espresso (₹90), a cold one or a cocktail in the large garden, or on waves of couches and armchairs. It's also...

Bar in Varanasi

Prinsep Bar

For a quiet drink with a dash of history, try this tiny bar named after James Prinsep, who drew wonderful illustrations of Varanasi’s ghats and temples (look for an 1830 copy of his Benares Illustrated in a glass...