Tickets in Lucknow

Foreign Tourist Help Desk

Help for booking train tickets is at window 601 inside the Rail Reservation and Booking Center complex, 150m to your right as you exit Charbagh rail station.
Bus in Kushinagar

Buses to Gorakhpur

Flag down buses to Gorakphur as they pass in the middle lane across from the yellow arched entrance to town.
Tickets in Varanasi

Foreigners' Ticket Office

Foreign-tourist quota tickets must be purchased at this comfortable waiting room in the main station lobby.
Bus Stop in Lucknow

Kaiserbagh Bus Stand

In central Lucknow, and convenient for Faizabad, Gorakhpur and Rupaida near the Nepal border.
Bus Stop in Agra

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation

A tiny window where you can book buses to Rajasthan. Buses stop near here on the street.
Train in Agra

Agra Cantonment (Cantt) Train Station

The busiest train station in Agra; serves most trains to/from Delhi.
Bicycle Hire in Varanasi

Cycle-Repair Shop

Hire simple bikes for peanuts from this small cycle-repair shop near Assi Ghat.
Taxi in Agra

Cycle-rickshaw & Autorickshaw Stand

Cycle-rickshaw and autorickshaw stand near the Taj Mahal's West Gate.
Bus Stop in Prayagraj (Allahabad)

Zero Road Bus Stand

One of two bus stands in Allahabad, with buses to Chitrakut.
Autorickshaw in Agra

Prepaid Autorickshaw Booth

Find prepaid autorickshaws with set rates here.