Tourist Information in Sarnath

Archaeological Museum Ticket Office

Pick up tickets here for Sarnath's main sights.
Tourist Information in Vrindavan

International Society for Krishna Consciousness

A religious organization better known as the Hare Krishnas.
Tourist Information in Varanasi

UP Tourism

The patient Mr Umashankar at the office inside the train station has been dishing out reasonably impartial information to arriving travellers for years; he’s a mine of knowledge, so this is a requisite first stop if…
Tourist Information in Lucknow

UP Tourism

Not a particularly helpful or well-informed government tourist office, but it happens to run Lucknow's excellent Heritage Walking Tour (though they couldn't tell us one single detail about it!). It operates a smalle…
Tourist Information in Agra

UP Tourism

The friendly train-station branch inside the Tourist Facilitation Centre on Platform 1 offers helpful advice and is where you can book day-long bus tours of Agra. This branch doubles as the Tourist Police. There's a…
Police in Agra

Tourist Police

The helpful crew in sky-blue uniforms are based on Fatahabad Rd, but have an office here in the Tourist Facilitation Centre. Officers also hang around the East Gate ticket office and the UP Tourism office on Taj Rd,…
Hospital in Agra

Amit Jaggi Memorial Hospital

If you're sick, Dr Jaggi, who runs this private clinic, is the man to see. He accepts most health-insurance plans from abroad; otherwise a visit runs ₹1000 (day) or ₹2000 (night). He'll even do house calls.
Tourist Information in Vrindavan

Krishna Balaram Welcome Office

Has lists of places to stay in Vrindavan and can help with booking Gita (studies in the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu scripture) classes as well as all travel agency services.
Tourist Information in Varanasi

Foreign Tourist Centre

Foreign-tourist quota tickets must be purchased at the Foreign Tourist Centre, in the white-and-orange PRS building, about 200m to the right of the train station as you exit.
Volunteering in Varanasi

Sankat Mochan Foundation

The Sankat Mochan Foundation, a charity dedicated to cleaning up the Varanasi stretch of the Ganges River, welcomes volunteers to help with research and administration.