Temple in Up the Hooghly

Hanseswari Temple

About 6km north of Hooghly, Bansberia is home to the imposing Hanseswari Temple, devoted to an avatar of the goddess Kali. Its tower, comprising 13 sikharas (Hindu temple-spires), looks like something you’d expect t…
Historic Building in Up the Hooghly


In Bandel, you can climb the lofty clock tower of the romantically crumbling Imambara, which has breathtaking views of the Hooghly River and houses a giant mechanical clock. The building was inaugurated in 1861 as a…
Museum in Up the Hooghly

Cultural Institut de Chandarnagar

While in Chandarnagar, you can visit the 18th-century mansion now housing the Cultural Institut de Chandarnagar at the former French colony. The exhibition galleries within the institute have several collections doc…