Tourist Information in Udaipur

Tourist Office

The official Tourist office is situated near Suraj Pol and is of little use apart from supplying a map. Small tourist offices operate erratically at the train station and airport.
Hospital in Bundi

Ayurvedic Hospital

This charitable hospital prescribes natural plant-based remedies. There are medicines for all sorts of ailments, from upset tummies to arthritis, and many of them are free.
Tourist Information in Jhalawar

Tourist Office

An office that may be able to rustle up a brochure with a town map. Inside the grounds of the now defunct RTDC Motel Jhalawar Chandrawati.
Police in Udaipur


The tourism police office. There are also police posts at Surajpol, Hatipol and Delhi Gate, three of the gates in the old-city wall.
Post in Udaipur

Post Office

Tiny post office that can send parcels, and with virtually no queues. Beside the City Palace’s Badi Pol ticket office.
Post in Udaipur

DHL Express

Conveniently situated in Lal Ghat, this budget guesthouse has a DHL office for all your parcel postage needs.
Bank in Mt Abu

Bank of Baroda

Changes currency and travellers cheques, and does credit-card advances. Has ATM.
Tourist Information in Mt Abu

Tourist Office

Opposite the main bus stand, this centre distributes free maps of town.
Bank in Udaipur

Thomas Cook

Changes cash and travellers cheques and can book transport tickets.
Hospital in Bundi


A conventional government hospital opposite the bus stand.