Religious in Kota

Dussehra Mela

During the Dussehra Mela massive effigies are built then spectacularly set aflame. The festival commemorates Rama’s victory over Ravana, the demon king of Lanka – a victory re-enacted through costume plays during th…
Cultural in Bundi

Ghans Bheru Festival

If you’re in Bundi on the day after Diwali (October or November), head 10km northwest to the small village of Bharodia, off the Jaipur road, to witness the spectacular Ghans Bheru festival.
Cultural in Bundi

Kajli Teej

This traditional Rajasthani festival marking the onset of the monsoon is celebrated somewhat differently in Bundi, where it is observed on the third day of the month of Bhadrapada.
Cultural in Bundi

Bundi Utsav

This cultural festival showcases the colourful traditions of the region with a procession, classical raga performances, magic and fireworks.
Religious in Udaipur

Mewar Festival

Holi is followed in March/April by the procession-heavy Mewar Festival – Udaipur’s own version of the springtime Gangaur festival.
Fair in Jhalrapatan

Chandrabhaga Fair

A huge and lively cattle fair that consumes the town with trading and festivities.
Fair in Mt Abu

Winter Festival

Focuses on music and folk dance.
Religious in Udaipur


If you’re in Udaipur in February/March, you can experience the festival of Holi, Udaipur-style, when the town comes alive in a riot of colour.
Cultural in Mt Abu


If you arrive in Mt Abu is spring, you may come across the local variation of this festival celebrated by local Garasia tribespeople.
Religious in Kota

Kashavrai Patan

Held between Bundi and Kota, this festival sees thousands of pilgrims descend for the month of Kartika.