Top things to do in Turtuk

Notable Building in Turtuk

Yabgo Royal House

The Yabgo rajas of Chorbat-Baltistan trace their dynasty back to Central Asia, and have had a palace in Turtuk from at least the 15th century. What remains is a modest two-storey courtyard house with aged wooden col…
Indian in Turtuk

Balti Kitchen

This is the place to come for quality vegan Baltistani dishes such as kisir (buckwheat pancake) with moskot (walnut puree with onion and chilli) and seasonal drinks such as mulberry juice (June to mid-July), served …
Balti in Turtuk

Balti Farm

The imaginative à la carte restaurant at Turtuk Holiday dishes up sparklingly reimagined Balti dishes sourced almost entirely from its own orchards and organic gardens. If you can't decide which to go for, taste the…
Islamic in Turtuk

Turtuk Old Mosque

In the heart of Turtuk Youl, the Old Mosque's distinctive feature is a wooden minaret with a spiral staircase only partly encased by timber slats. Locals date the mosque back to at least the 16th century.