Top things to do in Tashiding

Buddhist Monastery in Tashiding

Silnon Gompa

Like Tashiding Gompa way, way below, Silnon (see-non) was founded by Ngadhak Sempo Chempo. Its fairly modest central temple has a spectacular backdrop of snow-tipped mountains Narsing and Siniolchu and a ridge of mo…
Monastery in Tashiding

Tashiding Gompa

The ridge between Ralang and Yuksom ends with an upturned promontory (1450m) on which sits the multi-building complex of Tashiding Gompa, an important Nyingmapa monastery. At its heart, a beautifully proportioned pr…
Buddhist Stupa in Tashiding

Chorten 'Forest'

At the southern end of the Tashiding Gompa complex, this unusual compound contains a 2008 dharma bell, two giant Kashmir cypress trees and a series of large chortens (Tibetan stupas).
Waterfall in Tashiding

Phamrong Falls

The most dramatic of four waterfalls between Yuksom and Tashiding, the Phamrong's powerful flow fires itself through a high, green notch then crashes down a steep cliff.
Buddhist Site in Tashiding

Drakar Tashiding

If you're visiting Tashiding Gompa, a minor 'extra' sight is this tiny prayer cave, accessed via 250m of mossy stairs down to a small, tin-roofed hut building and then up beside a colourful, 1m stone portrait of Gur…
Religious in Tashiding


On the 15th day of the first Tibetan month, pilgrims flood to the Tashiding Gompa as lamas open a container (bum) of holy water (chu) to foretell the year’s fortunes.