Tourist Information in Auroville

Matrimandir Access Office

If, after viewing the Matrimandir from the gardens, you would like to meditate inside, you'll need to book one to four days ahead in person at the Matrimandir access office. Those who have already meditated inside t…
Tourist Information in Chennai

Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation

The state tourism body's main office takes bookings for its own bus tours, answers questions and hands out leaflets. In the same building are state tourist offices from all over India, mostly open 10am to 6pm. The T…
Tourist Information in Auroville

Auroville Guest Service

To get seriously involved, you normally need to come as a volunteer, in any of a wide variety of programs, for six to 12 months. The Auroville Guest Service provides information and help on active participation.
Tourist Information in Auroville

Visitors Centre

Auroville visitors centre provides information services, exhibitions, Auroville products and a 10-minute introductory video. The on-site shop sells a helpful handbook and map (₹20).
Travel Agency in Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)

Indian Panorama

Trichy-based and covering all of India, this professional, reliable travel agency/tour operator is run by an Indian–New Zealander couple.
Tourist Information in Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Bureau Central

Exhibitions on the lives and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, plus information on ashram-run accommodation.
Tourist Information in Chennai


In Chennai, Sahodaran is a support group for gay men. It holds social-group meetings and activities.
Post in Coimbatore

Post Office

Just northwest of the train station, via a pedestrian underpass from the platforms.
Travel Agency in Chennai

Milesworth Travel

Very professional, welcoming agency that will help with all your travel needs.
Hospital in Chennai

Apollo Hospital

State-of-the-art, expensive hospital, popular with ‘medical tourists’.