You cannot simply turn up at Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and expect to go on a safari – they are booked up to six months in advance, so plan ahead with your hotel/tour operator to avoid disappointment.


Fantastic three-hour safaris in Gypsy 4WDs cost ₹2700 per vehicle plus ₹350 for a mandatory guide, park admission fees (₹4000 Monday to Friday, ₹8000 Saturday and Sunday) and ₹200 for an SLR camera (or ₹250 for any lens greater than 250mm); expect to pay ₹7050 to ₹11,050 per safari before camera fees.

A full day safari – only three Gypsies per day are allowed to stay in the park between the morning and afternoon safaris – costs a purposely prohibitively expensive ₹74,000 all in (three people maximum).

MTDC also runs mass tourism bus safaris (per person ₹400) during normal safari hours from Moharli Gate.

Additional Activities

Walking safaris (₹3000) in the buffer zone allow you to look for tracks, observe birds and insects at close quarters and catch the scents and sounds of wild India. Guides from the Gond tribe accompany you through the forest.

Guided electric pontoon trips (per person ₹3000 per hour) on the Irai Lake allow you the opportunity explore inlets, islands and bays, with a chance of seeing crocodiles and magnificent birdlife, including the grey-headed fish eagle, ospreys and storks.

The park is great for birding. Of the 280 bird species logged, there’s a raptor population that includes crested serpent eagles, oriental honey buzzards and rare species of owls.