Top things to do in South Sikkim

Top Choice Buddhist Monument in Ravangla (Rabongla)

Buddha Park

With a breathtaking backdrop of Himalayan peaks, this gigantic, 41m-tall Buddha statue contains holy relics from 11 countries. A spiral interior gallery showcases scenes from Buddha's life in two very different but …
Top Choice Buddhist Monument in Namchi


Visible for miles, this 45m-high statue of Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche) is painted in shimmering copper and gilt and sits on a lotus plinth high above Namchi on the forested Samdruptse ridge. Completed in 2004 on a…
Top Choice Hindu Monument in Namchi

Char Dham

This unmissable feast of colour is a remarkable Hindu religious theme park crowning Solophuk hilltop, 5km southwest of Namchi. It brings together replicas of great Indian pilgrimage sites, including Rameshwarm, Dwar…
Top Choice Pizza in Namchi

Crumbs n Whips

John Wayne, Kurt Cobain and the Beatles are amongst the cover stars at this discovery of a coffeehouse-cum-pizzeria that also serves a range of pastas (from ₹210), Western-style snacks and excellent veggie burgers. …
Buddhist Monastery in Namchi

Ngadak Gompa

The Ngadak gompa complex is dominated by a gigantic 2014 prayer hall containing some of the richest new paintings in Sikkim; beside it is the ruinous, unpainted shell of a far older monastery building. Exuding a sen…
Buddhist Monastery in Ravangla (Rabongla)

Palchen Choeling Monastery

Near Ralang, 10.5km northwest of Ravangla, this monastery complex built in 1995 is home to more than 300 monks. It's highly significant in Kagyu Buddhism as residence of Gyaltsap Rinpoche, one of the order's five to…
Multicuisine in Ravangla (Rabongla)

Taste of Sikkim

The name is misleading as the only Sikkimese dishes served are Tibetan standards momo (dumplings) and thukpa (noodle soup), but it's the cutest of the Main Bazaar's restaurants, with B&W travel prints and small …
Monastery in Ravangla (Rabongla)

Yungdrung Kundrakling

One of only two Bon monasteries in India, this small, double-prayer-hall complex enjoys superb mountain views but has only around 25 monks and three teachers, plus a school full of (mostly orphaned) youngsters. It's…
Tibetan in Ravangla (Rabongla)

Kookay Restaurant

Right at the jeep stand, this long-standing favourite offers Tibetan soups, shaya phalays (deep-fried meat turnovers), Chinese sizzlers (₹250 to ₹300) and six delicious thali variants (₹100 to ₹200).
Factory in South Sikkim

Temi Organic Tea Factory

Set at 1720m with the groomed green maze of terraces rising above, this 1969 factory complex processes Sikkim's most famous teas, which are (very proudly) produced without pesticides or industrial fertilisers. Depen…