South Goa shopping

Books in Margao

Golden Heart Emporium

One of Goa’s best bookshops, Golden Heart is crammed from floor to ceiling with fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and illustrated volumes on the state’s food, architecture and history. It also stocks otherwise …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Colva

Goa Animal Welfare Trust Shop

The Goa Animal Welfare Trust shop, next door to Leda Lounge, is a charity shop with secondhand books and souvenirs. All proceeds go toward helping out Goa’s four-legged friends and the staff are happy to chat about …
Fashion & Accessories in Patnem


This small boutique shop back from Patnem Beach stocks handicrafts, textiles, antiques and clothing sourced from all over India by the expat owner, as well as locally made pieces. Individual, hand-picked and interes…
Market in Margao

MMC New Market

Margao’s crowded, covered canopy of colourful stalls is a fun but busy place to wander around, sniffing spices, sampling soaps and browsing the household merchandise.