Top things to do in Somnath

Hindu Temple in Somnath

Temple of Somnath

It’s said that Somraj (the moon god) first built a temple in Somnath, made of gold; this was rebuilt by Ravana in silver, by Krishna in wood and by Bhimdev in stone. The current serene, symmetrical structure was bui…
Museum in Somnath

Prabhas Patan Museum

This museum, 300m north of the Somnath temple along the market street, has intricately carved stone fragments from previous temples exposed to the elements in the courtyard. The highlight is the reconstructed 12th-c…
Indian in Somnath

New Bhabha Restaurant

The pick of a poor bunch of eateries, vegetarian New Bhabha sits 50m north of the ST bus stand, which is one block east of Somnath Temple. You can eat in a small air-con room or outside, open to the street.