Religious in Tashiding


Bum means pot, and chu means water. The lamas open a pot of holy water to foretell the year’s fortunes.
Religious in Sikkim


Sikkim’s biggest chaam dances take place just before Tibetan New Year.
Religious in Pelling to Yuksom

Khecheopalri Mela

Butter candles are floated as offerings to gods across the Khecheopalri lake.
Religious in Sikkim


Chaam dances form part of the annual group-meditation ceremony, with dances every second year honouring Padmasambhava.
Religious in Sikkim

Saga Dawa

Religious ceremonies and parades through Sikkim's monastery towns commemorate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death.
in Sikkim


Festival of lights and lots of fireworks.
Religious in Sikkim

Mahakala Dance

Dance performance at the Rumtek Monastery.
Cultural in Sikkim


Sikkimese New Year, preceded by chaam dances in many locations including Lingdum, Phodong, Phensang and Ralang, the best ones being held at Old Rumtek.
Religious in Ravangla (Rabongla)

Pang Lhabsol

Prayers and religious dances are performed in honour of Sikkim’s guardian deity Khangchendzonga.
Outdoor Adventure in Sikkim

Sikkim Paragliding Festival

The Sikkim Paragliding Festival, held in Gangtok in winter, is one of the latest events to seize the imagination of travellers and sports buffs alike.