Cultural in Sikkim


The Sikkimese end-of-harvest festival is a major period of merrymaking and archery competitions, but the most notable attraction for visitors takes place two days before, when 'Black Hat' chaam dances are performed …
Cultural in Pelling


Impressive chaam dances celebrating Tibetan New Year culminate with the unfurling of a huge gyoku (giant embroidered cloth painting) and the zapping of evil demons with a great fireball at Pemayangtse Gompa.
Religious in Sikkim


The Tibetan New Year is preceded by chaam dances, notably the Gutor chaam at Rumtek Gompa.
Religious in Gangtok

Detor Chaam

Chaam dances at Enchey Gompa.
Cultural in Sikkim


Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. Two days before the main holiday, don't be surprised to see dogs wearing floral necklaces. Much is closed and transport is reduced for a couple of days while locals spend the …
Religious in Tashiding


On the 15th day of the first Tibetan month, pilgrims flood to the Tashiding Gompa as lamas open a container (bum) of holy water (chu) to foretell the year’s fortunes.
Religious in Sikkim

Mahakala Dance

Classic religious dance performance at Rumtek and Old Ralang Monasteries.
Religious in Sikkim

Saga Dawa

On the full moon of Saga Dawa, the fourth Tibetan month, Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death are commemorated with religious ceremonies, dances and parades in Sikkim's monastery towns.
Religious in Sikkim


Sikkim's high tourist season starts with Dasain, a major holiday in Bengal, where it's known as Durga Puja and accompanied by the mass dunking of goddess idols into the river. Thereafter Bengali visitors arrive en m…