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Top Choice Live Music in Gangtok

Cafe Live & Loud

Gangtok's most happening music bar bathes its drinkers in a tsunami of sound Wednesday to Friday evenings, when live bands typically crank out rock or alternative-pop sets. On Saturday, pay ₹300 after 6pm to join th…
Theatre in Gangtok

Manan Kendra

This theatre hosts some of the city's bigger events.
Spectator Sport in Gangtok

Paljor Stadium

Below the Hotel Nor-Khill, this sizeable stadium hosts football matches and the occasional big-scale extravaganza.
Cinema in Gangtok

Vajra Cinema

Screens a regularly changing roster of mainly Bollywood hits and has hosted popular nightclubs.
Cinema in Gangtok

Denzong Cinema

Screens the latest Bollywood Hindi blockbusters.