Top ChoiceSikkimese in Gangtok


Beautifully designed with adobe walls and a mock-up earthen stove, Nimtho gives Sikkimese food a gourmet twist. Sample with a local thali (₹250 to ₹350), or à la carte with modestly sized portions of traditional...

Cafe in Gangtok

Café Royale

Behind the traditional facade of a former monastery dormitory, this tastefully contemporary cafe displaying guidebooks, bonsai firs and Le Creuset cups, serves barista coffees (₹100–₹140), with peanut-butter...

International in Gangtok

Coffee Shop

Ever-popular with the hip local youth crowd, this clean-lined cafe-diner serves far more than just good coffee (₹95–₹135), with all-day breakfasts and a range of international meals including orange-and-beetroot...

Multicuisine in Gangtok


Smarter, and open later, than most Gangtok eateries, OSM has a certain contemporary elegance with folded cloth napkins and a vast range of menu options from chilli squid to chicken nuggets via a range of Indian...

Korean in Gangtok

Mu Kimchi

For authentic Korean cuisine, climb the 80 steps to Mu Kimchi, with an interior that balances original bamboo ceilings and woven wicker lamps with a pared-down contemporary minimalism matching the sound system's...

Chinese in Gangtok

Dragon Wok

With gaudy, multi-storey dragon statues in front, the understated interior of this quality Chinese restaurant comes as a pleasant surprise. The free green tea is a nice touch and there's a wide cocktail menu.

Cafe in Gangtok

Local Cafe

Cosy three-table cafe making excellent coffee (espresso ₹84) and serving wraps, tsampa shakes, Tibetan street food, vegetable sushi, pasta and thin-crust pizzas.

Nepali in Gangtok

Hamro Bhansar Ghar

Decorated with chilli, garlic cloves and corncobs, the specialities at this cosy little Nepali place are the thalis (₹200 to ₹300), veritable artists' palettes of around a dozen earthy flavours served on a brass...

Street Food in Gangtok

Roll House

Small alleyway window serving reliably delicious Kolkata-style wraps plus momos (Tibetan dumplings) to take away.