Bus Station in Shimla


Around 7km from the city by a double-back route, this relatively new but crushingly depressing building incorporates the glass-unit shells of a failed shopping centre. Most departures are from the 1st floor but adva…
Bus Station in Shimla

Rivoli Bus Station

Down a series of stairways from The Ridge, this small bus station has services for Rampur (roughly hourly till 7pm), Sarahan (9.50am, 10.20am and 12.10pm), Rekong Peo (10.40am, 11am and 11.25am) and Naldhera (roughl…
Taxi in Shimla

BSNL shared taxi stand

Shuttle taxis to 'Advanced Studies' (ie the Viceregal Lodge) depart when full between around 9am and noon and 2pm to 5pm, charging ₹20 per head.
Cable Car in Shimla

Jakhu Ropeway

Cable car access to Jakhu Temple starts from the top of a 13-storey building on a minor street about 400m southeast of The Ridge.
Tickets in Shimla

HRTC booth

Come here to pre-book tickets for buses from the main terminal. It's a window in the same building as the tourist office.
Taxi in Shimla

Ritz-Jakhu shared taxi

Pick-up point for the single (thus very infrequent) Ride With Pride shared taxi to Jakhu Temple (₹20 per head).
Train in Shimla

Rail Booking Window

Railway tickets are sold from an often-crowded window on The Mall in the same building as the tourist office.
Bus Stop in Shimla

Bus stop for Chotta Shimla

Just west of Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara is the stand for buses continuing southeast on Cart Rd.
Taxi in Shimla

Shimla Prepaid Taxi booth

At the western edge of the Old Bus Station. Cars to Naldhera ₹1000/1200 single/return.
Bus Stop in Shimla

HPTDC Bus Stop

HPTDC buses start from near the south end of the Victory Tunnel. Taxis wait here too.