Shimla restaurants

Top Choice Himachal in Shimla

Himachali Rasoi

It's just four heavy wooden tables crammed into a bazaar-box shop-unit but the metalcraft lamps add character and the deliciously flavoured thalis (multicurry tray-meals) are a wonderful introduction to local Himach…
Continental in Shimla

Café Simla Times

Fronted by an old Fiat 1100, the enticing Simla Times combines a wonderfully panoramic open terrace area with a casually cosmopolitan indoor section of distressed tables, books, bottles and a distinctive ceiling mur…
Indian in Shimla


In a distinctive all-window circular building, Ashiana is an almost-elegant restaurant for snacks, Indian and (some) Chinese food plus a few Himachali specialities, including anardana (chicken in pomegranate) and se…
Multicuisine in Shimla

Wake & Bake

On two upper floors via an almost invisibly narrow stairway, this loveably cosy coffee shop serves espressos made from organic South Indian beans, but also cakes, sweet and savoury pancakes, hummus, falafel, toastie…
Vegetarian in Shimla

EBR Cafe

This arty new six-table cafe focusses on healthy-diet veg-, quinoa- and salad bowl-meals, protein shakes and 'detox shots'. It also fixes tacos, pasta and good ₹60 espressos.
Multicuisine in Shimla

Cecil Restaurant

Widely rated Shimla's top restaurant, and with prices to match, the Cecil provides hushed elegance, big view-windows and a chance to sport your newly tailored suit (dress code applies).
Cafe in Shimla

Indian Coffee House

This ragged Shimla institution is like an old boys’ club with its ageing leather seats, uniformed waiters and blackboard menu of very simple food. Packed with chattering locals (not quite all men), it’s an atmospher…
Indian in Shimla


Simple place for good-value Indian vegetarian food, just one stairway off The Mall.