Shimla attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Shimla

Viceregal Lodge

The official summer residence of the British viceroys was completed in 1888 and the entire Indian subcontinent was ruled from here for just over half of every year (usually early April to late October) from then til…
Top Choice Street in Shimla

The Ridge

The broad esplanade extending east from Scandal Point is called the Ridge and it's thronged with strolling locals and tourists all day. In clear weather a jagged line of distant snowy peaks is clearly visible to the…
Historic Building in Shimla

Gaiety Theatre

This lovely Victorian theatre, opened in 1877 and now splendidly restored, has long been a focus of Shimla social life. Rudyard Kipling, Shashi Kapoor and various viceroys are among those who have trodden its Burmes…
Architecture in Shimla


A wonderfully whimsical turreted red-brick mansion from 1880, Bantony was once home to the Maharajah of Sirmaur (whose coat of arms adorns the dilapidated railings). Together with its equally quaint red-brick cottag…
Hindu Temple in Shimla

Jakhu Temple

Shimla’s most famous temple, dedicated to the monkey god Hanuman, sits atop its highest hill, a steep but worthwhile hike of 1.2km up from the east end of the Ridge. Appropriately, hundreds of rhesus macaques loiter…
Museum in Shimla

Himachal State Museum

About 2.5km west of Scandal Point, up near the telecommunications mast, the state museum occupies an 1860s mansion and houses an impressive collection of Himachali, Rajasthani and Punjabi miniatures, as well as colo…
Notable Building in Shimla

Gorton Castle

Gorton Castle (1904), a massive and austere grey-stone edifice with neo-Gothic touches, was formerly the colonial government secretariat and is now the Himachal Pradesh State Accountant-General's Office. Repairs wer…
Church in Shimla

Christ Church

At the Ridge's east end, the very English Christ Church, opened in 1846, is one of the oldest surviving churches in northern India and Shimla's most famous landmark. It contains some touching Raj-era memorials and t…
Notable Building in Shimla

Town Hall

At the centre of things beside Scandal Point, Shimla's town hall dates from 1910 and is oddly reminiscent of the mansion in Hammer Horror films. It has been undergoing a facelift supposed to be completed by 2017.
Architecture in Shimla

Railway Board Building

The handsome turreted Railway Board Building was erected in 1897 with a fire-resistant cast-iron and steel structure. Today it houses government and police offices.