Thoh Tim

They say people will bet on anything. In Meghalaya they bet on archery, a pastime known as Thoh Tim, Teer ('Arrow') or Siat Khnam ('Shoot Arrow'). At Shillong's Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute, 50 archers fire 30 arrows each at a barrel-shaped target. The number of arrows that stick in the target is then counted. Then the archers fire another 20 arrows each. They too are counted. Each time the number of successful arrows will be three or four digits – say 1036 and 682. What people bet on (before the arrows are fired, of course) is the final two digits in each case. So if it's 1036 and 682, the winning numbers are 36 and 82, and you'll see these numbers chalked up at hundreds of small betting stalls all over town afterwards. Anyone who has placed a ₹20 stake on the right numbers wins ₹80,000.

The numbers that people wager on are usually determined by what the gambler dreamt the night before. There may be as many dream-to-number interpretation systems as there are betting people. For a taster, check out, which tells you that 28 is a good number if you've dreamt of a pumpkin, while 37 could be lucky if you've dreamt of a marital spat.

The Sports Institute is about 2km northeast of Police Bazar; the event is held at 4pm every day except Sunday.