Top Choice Museum in Shillong

Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures

This well-maintained museum is a fabulous repository of innumerable tribal artefacts interspersed with galleries on Christian missionary work. Compulsory tours depart on the half-hour and last over an hour. Sights i…
Park in Shillong

Shillong Golf Course

Walk 15 minutes northeast of Ward’s Lake to visit the rolling meadows of Shillong Golf Course, bordered by pine trees and fronted by a pretty clubhouse. You're free to roam the far extent of the greens (a public roa…
Lake in Shillong

Ward’s Lake

The central landscaping element of colonial-era Shillong, this attractive lake has a pretty ornamental bridge, flower beds, manicured lawns, courting couples, boating facilities and gaggles of geese.
Museum in Shillong

Wankhar Entomology Museum

This remarkable one-room display of pinned butterflies, rhinoceros beetles and stick insects is located in the home of the original collector. It's said to be the only museum in India exclusively devoted to moths, b…
Historic Building in Shillong

Pinewood Hotel

Centrally located Pinewood Hotel is a 1920s tea-growers' retreat that is particularly representative of colonial-era architecture. It looks great at night.
Church in Shillong

Anglican Church

The Anglican Church, perched above Police Bazaar, is a graceful structure fronted by pretty lawns.
Church in Shillong

All Saints’ Cathedral

The 1902 All Saints’ Cathedral would look perfect pictured on a biscuit tin.