Top things to do in Shantiniketan

Museum in Shantiniketan

Uttarayan Complex

This beautiful complex thrown around tree-lined avenues, gravelled courtyards and exotic gardens boasts several buildings built in architectural styles varying from art deco to rural Bengal. Once the residence of Ra…
Cultural in Shantiniketan

Poush Mela

The highpoint of Shantiniketan's festive calendar, the Poush Mela fair brings together artists, musicians, artisans and poets from nearby villages and far-flung continents. You can spend time with the bauls – the wa…
Bengali in Shantiniketan

Alcha Foods

This tiny restaurant is known for its yummy lunch platters that feature a fabulous spread of traditional Bengali dishes. Unique seasonal menus are followed for each day of the week. In the evenings, you can order yo…
Bengali in Shantiniketan

Ghare Baire

A restaurant specialising in traditional Bengali fare, this cafeteria-style eatery churns out sumptuous and delectable platters for lunch and dinner. There are a few generic snacks and Chinese preparations on offer …
Cultural in Shantiniketan

Magh Mela

At the three-day Magh Mela held in the village of Sriniketan (contiguous to Shantiniketan), crafts and rural arts take centre stage. On the second evening, a spectacular fireworks show attracts a huge audience.