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Top Choice Village in Timishgan

Tia Village

Old Tia is one of Ladakh's most delightful village ensembles. Antique homes are layered in tight array up a knoll and are linked by a labyrinth of stairways, animal pens and tunnel passages. All it lacks is a wizard…
Buddhist Monastery in Likir

Likir Gompa

Though founded in 1065, this monastery’s current incarnation originated in the 15th century. The first prayer hall to the right on entry has seats allocated for both the Dalai Lama and his brother, Likir’s honorary …
Buddhist Monastery in Timishgan

Timishgan Khar

Originally King Dragpa-Bum's 15th-century fortress, Timishgan's three-storey palace site has an obvious defensive strength commanding the confluence of the Tia and Ang valleys from high on a central crag. The palace…
Village in Sham


Much the smallest village on the Sham trekking route, little Yangthang has a unique, timeless core that could have been designed as the filmset for a spaghetti western. A handful of sturdy old Ladakhi houses fit tog…
Village in Sham

Hemis Shukpachan

Central Hemis Shukpachan is clustered around a central rocky hillock topped with a golden Buddha, inaugurated in 2015. Around 500m down the lane descending south to Hemischu, the Laga Rapsal Homestay advertises a 'm…
Buddhist Monastery in Timishgan

Tseskarmo Gompa

At first glance this monastery-temple is simply a gaudy new confection of dragons, fanciful concrete animals and a stupa-topped shrine overlooking an open courtyard. However, the laughing Buddha in his gilded splend…
Viewpoint in Timishgan

Bongbong La

A new jeep track cuts its way up the precipitous western slope beside Tia to the 3540m Bongbong La, a great viewpoint surveying the majority of Timishgan and Tia. The pass is the starting point for a hike that desce…
Multicuisine in Likir

Likir Gompa Restaurant

Fairly wide selection of foods served in a partly shaded garden area just below Likir Gompa. There's also a small snack/grocery shop next door.