Top things to do in Saurashtra

Top Choice National Park in Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir National Park

The last refuge of the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) is this forested, hilly, 1412-sq-km sanctuary about halfway between Veraval and Junagadh. Taking a safari through the thick, undisturbed forests would be a …
Top Choice Religious Site in Junagadh

Girnar Hill

This sacred mountain, rising dramatically from the plains, is covered with Jain and Hindu temples. Pilgrims from far and wide come to tackle the long climb up 10,000 stone steps to the summit, which is best begun at…
Top Choice Religious Site in Palitana


One of Jainism’s holiest pilgrimage sites, Shatrunjaya is an incredible hill studded with temples, built over 900 years. It is said that Adinath (also known as Rishabha), the founder of Jainism, meditated beneath th…
Top Choice Fort in Junagadh

Uparkot Fort

This ancient fort is believed to have been built in 319 BC by the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta, though it has been extended many times. In places the ramparts reach 20m high. It’s been besieged 16 times, and legend …
Top Choice Fort in Diu

Diu Fort

Built in 1535, with additions made in 1541, this massive, well-preserved Portuguese fort with its double moat (one tidal) must once have been impregnable, but sea erosion and neglect are leading to a slow collapse. …
Top Choice North Indian in Bhavnagar

Nilambag Palace Restaurant

By far the city's best restaurant and particularly atmospheric at night, when the palace garden seating area is lit up with tiny fairy lights. Dishes lean towards North Indian, with plenty of nonveg options and the …
Top Choice Mausoleum in Junagadh

Mahabat Maqbara

This stunning mausoleum of Nawab Mahabat Khan II of Junagadh (1851–82) seems to bubble up into the sky. One of Gujarat’s most glorious examples of Euro-Indo-Islamic architecture, with French windows and Gothic colum…
Top Choice Mausoleum in Junagadh

Vazir’s Mausoleum

Boasting even more flourish than neighbouring Mahabat Maqbara, the 1896 mausoleum of Vazir Sahib Baka-ud-din Bhar sports four storybook minarets encircled by spiralling stairways.
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Blackbuck National Park

Blackbuck National Park

This beautiful, 34-sq-km park encompasses large areas of pale, custard-coloured grassland stretching between two seasonal rivers and is famous for its blackbucks – beautiful, fast antelope that sport elegant spirall…
Top Choice Lake in Jamnagar

Ranmal Lake

The attractive, tree-lined promenades around Ranmal Lake have been seriously upgraded and surrounded by a fence with several gateways. There's a bona fide astroturf running track, a brand new history museum on the e…