Top things to do

Fort in Sangla & Around

Kamru Fort

Clinging to a rocky spur 2km north of Sangla (about 30 minutes' walk), Kamru village was the original capital of the kingdom of Bushahr. The old Kamru Fort, a 329-step climb up from the foot of the village, contains…
Hindu Temple in Chitkul

Mohatmin Mandir

The sizeable Mohatmin Mandir temple in the middle of Chitkul, dedicated to the local god Mathi, has some excellent old and new carving in wood and stone.
Tibetan in Sangla & Around

Tibetan Cafetaria

This is the most popular of several basic 'Tibetan restaurants’ in the centre of Sangla. It does a decent job on momos (Tibetan dumplings), thukpa (noodle soup) and chow mein.