Top things to do in Sangla & Around

Fort in Sangla & Around

Kamru Fort

Clinging to a rocky spur 2km north of Sangla, Kamru village was the original capital of the kingdom of Bushahr. The old Kamru Fort, a 329-step climb up from the foot of the village, contains several handsome wood-an…
Temple in Sangla & Around

Nag Temple

This fascinating complex in Sangla's old, lower town combines half a dozen stone and carved-wood sub-temples from very varying eras, all topped with archetypal tip-tilted roofs finished with heavy slates.
North Indian in Sangla & Around

Sangla Holiday Home

A few prayer flags and poster pictures add a little atmosphere to this easily missed, top-floor restaurant whose Indian fare is remarkably good for the price. Best of all there are extensive views from the open terr…