Historic Site in Sanchi

Buddhist Monuments

The hilltop stupas are reached via a path and stone steps at the end of Monuments Rd, where the ticket office is. There’s a Publication Sale Counter selling postcards and guidebooks inside the monuments enclosure it…
Museum in Sanchi

Archaeological Museum

This fine museum has a small collection of sculptures from the site. The centre piece is the 3rd-century-BC lion capital from the Ashoka Pillar 10. Other highlights include a yakshi hanging from a mango tree, and be…
Museum in Sanchi


The vihara, literally ‘resting place’, was built to house the returned relics from Stupa 3. They can be viewed on the last Sunday of the month. It’s immediately on your left as you enter the complex.
Ticket Office in Sanchi

Ticket Office

Ticket office for Sanchi's hilltop stupas.
Architecture in Sanchi

Monasteries 45 & 47

The earliest monasteries were made of wood and are long gone. The usual plan is of a central courtyard surrounded by monastic cells. Monasteries 45 and 47, standing on the eastern ridge, date from the transition fro…
Monument in Sanchi

Great Bowl

Behind Monastery 51, partway down the hill towards Stupa 2, is the Great Bowl, carved from a huge boulder, into which food and offerings were placed for distribution to the monks.
Gate in Sanchi

Western Gateway

Pot-bellied dwarves support the architraves of the Western Gateway, which has some of the site’s most interesting scenes. The top architrave shows Buddha in seven different incarnations, manifested three times as a …
Temple in Sanchi

Temple 31

The rectangular Temple 31 was built in the 6th or 7th century but reconstructed during the 10th or 11th century. It contains a well-executed image of Buddha, which may come from another temple as it doesn't exactly …
Gate in Sanchi

Southern Gateway

The back-to-back lions supporting the Southern Gateway, the oldest gateway, form the state emblem of India, which can be seen on every banknote. The gateway narrates Ashoka’s life as a Buddhist, with scenes of Buddh…
Gate in Sanchi

Eastern Gateway

The breathtakingly carved figure of a yakshi, hanging from an architrave on the Eastern Gateway, is one of Sanchi’s best-known images. One of the pillars, supported by elephants, features scenes from Buddha’s entry …