Top Choice Chinese in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

New Hong Kong Restaurant

For over two decades the Chen family has been providing authentic Chinese in Sambalpur and this place draws crowds from far and wide. The menu also includes several Thai dishes and some tasty Indian-Chinese fusion d…
Chinese in Kolkata

Eau Chew

This hard-to-find eatery is lodged in a dilapidated building above a petrol station, but city foodies know it as an institution that serves a rare spread of dishes originating from the kitchens of the earliest Chine…
Chinese in Kolkata


This popular address has two restaurants in one location, with a single kitchen turning out good if not really gourmet Chinese food. The upstairs seating of Manthan, the cheapest option, could use some artworks to g…
Chinese in Kalimpong


Mr Lee and his daughter serve up fantastic and unique Chinese-style dishes at this eatery with a red interior. Stand-out dishes include the mun wontons (dumplings fried in egg), mun chu nyuk (red pork), homemade mef…
Chinese in Gangtok


Enjoy some of Gangtok's most authentic Chinese cuisine while settled into black-patterned sofas upstairs in the Namnang Ropeway Station building. Dynasty does a passable approximation of Thai food too.
Chinese in Puri

Chung Wah

Inside the Lee Garden Hotel, this place certainly has the look of a classic Chinese restaurant: dark-wood booths, lattice screens, lots of red and gold and dragon imagery. The food, courtesy of Chinese transplants f…
Chinese in Darjeeling


This classy and modern bar-restaurant near the top of the Mall specialises in local Chinese and Indian offerings in stylish surrounds, with sleek wooden floors, clean tablecloths and roaring fires in winter. There a…
Chinese in Tawang Valley

Dragon Restaurant

The cosy Dragon Restaurant is Tawang’s best eatery, serving freshly made local dishes such as churpa (delicious fermented-cheese broth with fungi and vegetables), momos (Tibetan dumplings), fiery chilli chicken and …
Chinese in Aizawl

Aizawl Masala

One flight of stairs below street level, this trendy place serves a host of the usual quasi-Chinese suspects (noodles, fried rice, meat in chilli/garlic/pepper sauce etc). There’s good music to go with your food.
Chinese in Chandigarh


Offering panoramic views from its lofty heights, this ritzy rooftop restaurant at Hotel Shivalikview offers superior Indian-style Chinese food, with lots of noodle and tofu dishes.