Top things to do in Ramtek

Ruins in Ramtek

Archaeological Excavations at Mansar

Believed to be the excavated 5th-century remains of a temple and residential palace complex known as Pravarapura, once the capital of the Vakataka King Pravarasena II, this sprawling blackened pyramidal brick struct…
Hindu Temple in Ramtek

Ramtek Temples

About 40km northeast of Nagpur, Ramtek is believed to be the place where Lord Rama, of the epic Ramayana, spent some time during his exile with his wife, Sita, and brother Lakshmana. The place is marked by a cluster…
Indian in Ramtek

Cherry Farm Adventure Village

This new adventure-sports outfitter and campground whips up tasty Marathi cuisine, such as patodi (a curry made with chickpea flour) and dal bhaji (spinach-laced lentils), for road-weary travellers – with an hour's …
Hindu Site in Ramtek

Ambala Lake

On the road to the temples you’ll pass the delightful Ambala Lake, lined with small Narsimha Temples in which mourners typically release the ashes of their loved ones. Boat rides around the lake are available.
Art in Ramtek

Kalidas Festival

Commemorates the literary genius of legendary poet Kalidas through spirited music, dance and theatre sessions in Ramtek.
Monument in Ramtek

Kalidas Memorial

The Kalidas Memorial, near the Ramtek temple complex, is dedicated to the famous classical Sanskrit poet Kalidas. Murals of his famous works line the circular walls, but the place could use a caretaker.