Rajkot attractions

Workshop in Rajkot

Mayur Patola Art

Rajkot has quickly developed a Patola-weaving industry. This skill comes from Patan, and is a tortuous process that involves dyeing each thread before it's woven. However, in Patan both the warp and weft threads are…
Museum in Rajkot

Watson Museum

The Watson Museum is named after Colonel John Watson, a political agent (administrator) in the 1880s who gathered many historical artefacts and documents from around Saurashtra. It’s a jumbled and ramshackle attic o…
Historic Building in Rajkot

Kaba Gandhi No Delo

This is the house where Gandhi lived from the age of six (while his father was diwan of Rajkot), and it features many photos of the family and lots of interesting information on Gandhi's life. The mahatma’s passion …
Market in Rajkot

Fruit & Vegetable Market

Busy produce market.