Top things to do in Rajgir

Buddhist Site in Rajgir

Vulture Hill

Buddha is thought to have preached the Lotus sutra on this rock outcrop. There are some faint remains of a 1500-year-old stupa, some prayer flags and a small shrine where Buddhist pilgrims come to pray. Get here by …
Indian in Rajgir

Lotus Restaurant

The air-conditioned restaurant at the Indo Hokke Hotel has superb Indian food and a pricier Japanese menu featuring soba noodles, teriyaki and tempura, with authentic flavours and fresh ingredients (including pepper…
Buddhist Stupa in Rajgir

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Constructed in 1965, this blazing-white, 40m stupa stands atop Ratnagiri Hill about 5km south of town. Recesses in the stupa feature golden statues of Buddha in four stages of his life – birth, enlightenment, preach…
Buddhist Site in Rajgir

Saptaparni Cave

A 40-minute uphill hike from the back of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple takes you past Jain and Hindu temples to this atmospheric cave and natural rock platform, where Buddha is said to have meditated. Literally meaning…
Pond in Rajgir

Buddha Jal Vihar

Next to the Lakshmi Narayan Temple complex (on your left as you approach the temple), the Jaipur-pink Buddha Jal Vihar is a limpid green pool set in well-manicured gardens. Swimming is technically allowed here, but …
Indian in Rajgir

Green Hotel

Diagonally opposite the Lakshmi Narayan Temple complex, this simple restaurant is one of several in a row that offers pleasant alfresco seating, hot tasty food, and prompt and friendly service. The food is good and …
Archaeological Site in Rajgir

King Bimbisara's Jail

These foundations mark the jail in which King Bimbisara was imprisoned until his death by his son Ajatashatru. Bimbisara was the first king to adopt Buddhism as a state religion.
Punjabi in Rajgir

Hotel Anand

This small, fan-cooled, vegetarian restaurant serves good-value Punjabi and South Indian dishes, including good thalis (₹120 to ₹150). It's 100m beyond Hotel Raj.
Culture in Rajgir

Rajgir Mahotsava

Ragir's major cultural festival features three days of classical Indian music, folk music and dance.
Hindu Temple in Rajgir

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Hindu pilgrims visit this temple, about 2km south of town (turn right out of the bus stand and keep walking), to enjoy the health benefits of the hot springs here. The murky grey Brahmakund, the hottest spring, is a…